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Ever since the Middle Ages, tapestries and textile wall hangings have been among the most prestigious objects owned by people. Although we no longer need the physical warmth of a textile hanging on a wall, the psychological warmth that a textile creates is immeasurable in softening the hard surfaces that make up our houses and creating a home filled with the love and laughter of family and friends.

Working with the finest European linens, and Japanese silks, Suzanne creates wall hangings, from 12” square to 20 feet in length. These pieces are either meticulously framed behind glass or free hanging, and grace homes ranging from traditional styles to luxury mountain cabins to stone and glass contemporary residences. Using a combination of fabrics woven herself on a loom, canvas, paper, dyes and paints, her wall hangings have a sophisticated presence that fuses contemporary craft and fine art. Best known for her gift of color, Suzanne can work within any color palette, complementing any interior


A 5' x 15' weaving in the public space of the residence for the Chancellor of a local University.  Woven in 5 separate panels, and grouped together, this comprised 35 different colored warps, all dyed by hands.  Look for a close up below:




Woven of hand dyed linens, in a complex weave structure, this 7' x 7' wall piece is hung with top and bottom custom manufactured copper, milled to match the weave itself.  It graces a home in Studio City, California. A larger image is below:


This client asked for bold, contemporary, and colorful for these two big pieces - 48" x 60" and 36" x 48".  We worked from photos and paint chips to fine tune the pallette.